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What is chainmail?

answer: Chainmail was also called Maille when it was used (Originally a french word for chain, the English "chain" part is a redundant word) Maille is a form or armour m (MORE)
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What is a scary chainmail?

a scary chainmail is a message people send to just scary their friends or to prank them. so if someone sends u a scary chainmail and you read it dont believe it, its not true (MORE)
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How do you make chainmail?

Chainmail was a way of protecting oneself in battle. It can be madeby linking small metal rings in a pattern until it is big enoughfor a person to wear.
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Where can you find chainmail?

There are people today who makechain mail and you can learn how as well. If you go to the Society of Creative Anachronism site you will find people who you can connect to that (MORE)
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Is chainmail legal?

No, chain mail is NOT LEGAL . People do chain letters in mail or by cellphone text messages. Whether bad and offensive or not, they are all illeagal.
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Why does Captain America wear chainmail?

Captain America's costume in the comic books included scale-mail or ring-mail (rather than chainmail). This would help to protect his upper torso from knife and other weapon a (MORE)
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Should you be scared of chainmail?

Chain mails preferably aren't that bad, though some do threaten to physically or mentally hurt you through some ways. They don't come true, and if they do come true it's just (MORE)
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How heavy is chainmail?

it all depends on how big the maille garment is. a short maille byrnie ( roughtly the shape and size of a t-shirt) should normally weigh about 8-10 kilogrammes. (17-22 lbs (MORE)
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How do you get chainmail armor in minecraft?

Chainmail armour was originally made as kind of a joke, but there are now some ways to obtain it. It can be found in dungons or traded for by the black smith. There are also m (MORE)
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What weapons can cut or pierce chainmail?

Basically chainmail is very effective at deflection, so cutsthemselves are very ineffective against it, blunt force trauma isalso partially deflected, and piercing strikes can (MORE)