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Can a chair be symmetric?

Yes, most of them are as if you cut the chair in half both pieces will be mirror image of each other. * * * * * True, but that is a kind of tautological answer.  It does not (MORE)
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Why are there no chairs in a mosque?

Muslim prayer is a process of standing, bowing, and kneeling. Chairs would become a hindrance in such a case. However, elderly that find it hard to sit on the floor or perfo (MORE)

Why is a chair called a chair?

Sir Arthur A. Chair made the first chair February 12th 1301. He made the discovery after he chopped down a rather large tree and decided that he wanted to be able to sit on it (MORE)

Sat in the chair or sat on the chair?

Usually we sit on chairs. We sit in something like a car or a room or we 'sit in silence'. (another opinion from an native speaker of American English) To me, it seems natu (MORE)

What rhymes with chair?

affair air airfare armchair aware bare bear beware blare bugbear care carfare coheir compare cookware corsair cudbear dare daycare, declare despair eclair elsewhere ensnare fa (MORE)

What is a sedan chair?

  a sedan chair is a enclosed chair that is borne on two poles by two bearers. The chair carries the occupant, a taxi for one. Usually the luxury of being carried was rese (MORE)

How do you break a chair?

Many comedians employ physical humor as part of their repertiore, and have a specially prepared chair for them to innocently sit upon, only to have it collapse from under them (MORE)

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What kind of chairs are theatre chairs?

Theatre chairs are seats specifically engineered and designed for viewing movies, films, or plays. They are built for comfort and to be functional in its design so that all pa (MORE)