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Who is the chairperson of Wipro Limited?

Azim Premji is the chairperson of Wipro which is one of the largest software companies in India. He was the richest man in India between 1999 to 2000 and made it to Forbes as (MORE)

How are committee chairpersons usually chosen?

On the basis of seniority. It depends on the committee. If it's a powerful committee, or has prestige to it, then it will go to either the most powerful, the most clever, or w (MORE)
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Y is a chairperson necessary?

The Chairperson's aim should be to utilise the interests, release the potential energies of all the members, and to see that the committee develops a common view of its purpos (MORE)

Who is chairperson?

A chairperson is whoever presides over a meeting. They would be the one who calls the meeting to order, asks about the old and new business concerning the group, and leads the (MORE)