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How do you make a chakram?

no idea but go to there are some great Xena stuff there!!   *cough* Another idea is you can make one out of paper, you only need 7 pieces of paper just (MORE)

Where do you find the Chakram dagger in AQW?

On Saturday, Log-in to AQWorlds and speak with Valencia in BattleOn. Take her quest(Saturday... Chakram Dagger!) [Note: you can only have a 20% Chance of drop, But you MUST ac (MORE)

How do chakram daggers look like?

To view someone wielding them, look at the Chakram Daggers link below. If you meant NOTruto's chakram instead, that is also linked.
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In what country is a chakram normally found?

The chakram is a type of weapon that is to be thrown at the enemy. It is usually found in the country of India. It is circular in shape with a sharpened edge.
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