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What is a challenge in football?

Sometimes when a coach sees something in a critical play that the refs do not, the coach can throw a red flag signaling that he wants the play to be reviewed. The refs will ta (MORE)

Why did challenger explode?

The Space Shuttle "Challenger" , The 25th flight of the Space Shuttle Program , exploded 73 seconds into the flight when the O-RING (the ring at the bottom of the rocket boost (MORE)
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What is the eraser challenge?

The eraser challenge is where you get an eraser and you take one of your hands or arms (If you want to do it use your non dominant) and start erasing on the back of your hand. (MORE)

What is the skittle challenge?

The skittle challenge is a challenge where people try to put a whole bag of skittles in their mouths and eat them without removing any from their mouth. Although this is a m (MORE)

Can you challenge a lien?

Answer . Generally no. Generally, liens that can affect real property are governed by statute or a court decree. You would need to provide a specific type of lien for a spe (MORE)

What is the challenger?

  The Challenger was a space shuttle that was going to be launched from Florida. But the night before it was supposed to be launched, it was cold and the o-rings froze up. (MORE)

What are the challenges of anthropology?

The main challenge that anthropology faces now is that aboriginal communities are disappering from the world so they have to adapt to study new human groups who are more famil (MORE)