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How do you get thunderous?

After you get your 8th badge go to the stormy route that will be mentioned. In the morning it will be on route 2-3 most of the time. In the evening it will be near Milstron ci (MORE)
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Why potty is yellow?

because of starch intake in our body which tends to change colour from black to yellow and also turmeric plays very important role for changing its colour

How do you do the potty dance?

Do the... Potty Dance.... Right leg cross, left leg cross, step step, toes waist celebrate,... do the... potty dance
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How to go potty?

  There's always a tree or bush around most everywhere. Holding off on a biological function such as this can be harmful to your health. If you gotta go ... you gotta go . (MORE)
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What is sputum mug?

A sputum mug is also known as a sputum cup. It is a cup usually  made of paper or thin cardboard to receive and isolate the sputum  of a patient with respiratory disease.

What is a freezer mug?

By placing these mugs into your freezer for about two hours (they  work best when placed upside-down) the freezer gel freezes,  offering you a unique way to keep your bevera (MORE)

What can thunder do?

Thunder, as a pressurized sound wave, can hurt your ears, scare  children and animals, and set off some car alarms.    Since it is caused by the rapid heating of air p (MORE)

Do you get mugged in Egypt?

Muggings are not common in Egypt, but they certainly occur. A way to minimize the likelihood that you personally would not be mugged in Egypt is not to wear any items of signi (MORE)