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What is a Chamorro?

A Chamorro is a person whose ancestry is of Chamorro Descent or A Native born individual from the Mariana islands of Guam, Rota, Tinian or Saipan.
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Who are the chamorros?

The Chamorro people are the "true" indigenous people of the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. They first arrived to the Marianas about 3500 years ago before the rest of Micro (MORE)
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Where do chamorros come from?

Chamorros come from the Northern Mariana Islands & Guam. The Chamorros of the Northern Marianas would rather refer to the Chamorros of Guam as "Guamanians" so as not to confus (MORE)
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Are chamorros Asian?

Chamorros are not Asians. Chamorros are Pacific Islanders. The idea of being an Asian (more specifically South East Asia) goesback to the history of the Orient: the Silk Road (MORE)
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Is chamorro micronesian?

No because the chamorr Isles. such as GUAM AND SAIPAN ARE PART OF THE MARIYANAS. The reason they say that is because the chukies people had to move to Guam and Saipan because (MORE)
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What is 'love' in Chamorro?

gui'ya. pronounced as (gu)(ai)(za). Hu gui'ya hao. I love you Hu gui'ya este. I love this kao un gui'ya yu? do you love me?
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Who is the author of fanohge chamorro?

From the most authoritative source available, the Guam Territorial Code Section adopting Fanoghe Chamorro as the Territorial Hymn, Dr. Ramon M. Sablan composed it.
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What does kaksika means in Chamorro?

KAKSIKA is not a true Chamorro word. Rather, it is a slightly altered phonetic adaptation of the English words "c-ck s-cker". The way I have heard it used in Guam, it is somew (MORE)
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What are some chamorro words?

Hafa Adai (hello) , Bien Binidu (welcome) , Guaiya (love), Guaha (to have), Metgot (Strong), Matapang (silly)
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How do you say handsome guy in chamorro?

Type text or a website address or translate a document. . Cancel . Example usage of "":. automatically translated by Google. Alpha. 그건 당신이 ë¨ (MORE)