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I love you in chamorro language?

Hu Guaiya Hao = I Love You    To say this properly however, you will need to know how to  pronounce it.    This is how you would pronounce it:    Hu soun (MORE)

Is chamorro micronesian?

No because the chamorr Isles. such as GUAM AND SAIPAN ARE PART OF THE MARIYANAS. The reason they say that is because the chukies people had to move to Guam and Saipan because (MORE)

Are chamorros Asian?

Chamorros are not Asians. Chamorros are Pacific Islanders.    The idea of being an Asian (more specifically South East Asia) goes  back to the history of the Orient: t (MORE)

How do you say very hot in Chamorro?

Gof maipe' (Gofe-My-Peeh) = in reference to the weather or a hot pot or what have you. Gof pika' (Gofe-Pee-Kah) = in reference to spicy foods like pepper and what not. if you (MORE)

Who are the chamorros?

The Chamorro people are the "true" indigenous people of the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. They first arrived to the Marianas about 3500 years ago before the rest of Micro (MORE)

Why do other micronesians make chamorro people look bad?

I have respect for Chamorros, as they have respect for me as well.  On the other hand, when I would be on Guam and Saipan, I would run  into trouble with Chuukeese, I talked (MORE)