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I get no kick from champagne?

The song is called 'I Get A Kick Out Of You' sung and recorded by Gary Shearston, back in 1974.   The song is actually much older going back to 1934 from Cole Porter. "I Ge (MORE)

What is dry champagne?

Dry Champagne refers to the amount of sugar content, or sweetness, of the Champagne. The dry description can be misleading for sparkling wine. A still wine described as dry me (MORE)

What are champagne grapes?

"Champagne grapes" is the name given to a specific type of grape, the Corinth. These grapes should not be confused with the various groups used to make wine in the Champagne r (MORE)

Is korbel champagne a real champagne?

No, it is a sparkling wine from California. However, many people prefer it in blind taste tests to Champagnes. Champagne must be produced in the Champagne region of France. (MORE)

What was the profession of the man who invented champagne?

Contrary to common myth, sparkling wine was first developed by the English and they did so several decades before the French claim that they developed it. Research has establi (MORE)
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What is the champagne of tea?

The champagne of tea is the nickname for Darjeeling tea. It is one ofthe most highly sought teas on the planet. It can only be grown in oneunique place on the entire planet, (MORE)