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Who is the champion swimmer?

Um the champion swimmer would be Micheal Phelps from the united states. from Canada this year ( 2008 ) in the Olympics it was Ryan Cochrane. He was the only swimmer to get Can (MORE)

Who is the motocross champion?

Last year chad reed was the supercross champion and the nationals campion was James stweart. But one that tops them all is the G.O.A.T Ricky Carmichael Greats Of All Time but (MORE)

Who are the NBA champions?

The nba champions are different every year but as of 2004 the Detroit pistons won.In 2005 the San Antonio Spurs won.In 2006 the Miami Heat won.In 2007 tha San Antonio Spurs wo (MORE)

Who be the champions at Night of Champions?

Randy Orton will be the WWE champion because he's hot and of course he is the viper ( those icy blue eyes of his are really sexy). All my faith is in Jeff Hardy because he is (MORE)
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Who is the champion on Pokemon?

on Sapphire and ruby it is Steven on fire red and leafy green it is the rival you name in the beginning ^don't forget Lance is the Champion of the Johto Region and Cynt (MORE)

How do you get undead champion?

Be more thoughtful wiz pants cuz no one knows what online thing your talking about, well maybe a couple of people. But all I can say is get someone to do CPR on your character (MORE)

Who is is the RuneScape champion?

If you mean the best player, what is your criterion for best player? If you mean the highest stats, look it up on Hiscores, which you can access from the main RuneScape page. (MORE)

How do you create a champion in champions online?

Once you have clicked on your desk-top Champions, the game window should pop up, sign in then click 'play'. After it loads for about 10 seconds, look for a couple hexagons. on (MORE)

Why does the Champions League have teams in it who are not champions?

It is designed to have some of the top teams in Europe. The qualityof football in some countries is a lot lower, so the best teams inthose countries would not be as competitiv (MORE)