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How do you beat the champ in Wii Sports Resort Swordplay Duel?

You just dodge his moves and then when the champ hits dodge it and hit him whenhe's almost falling down and hit him close to the edge so the champ can fall into the water Or (MORE)

What does champs mean at taco bell?

C-cleanliness H-hospitality A-accuracy M-maintence P-product quality S-speed w
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What is the correct pronunciation for Champs elysees?

Hard to explain... sort of like "shawm zay lee zay" See related links for a website that might help. FYI: he is saying "les" (pronounced "lay") before "Champs Elysées", whi (MORE)

Who was the youngest UFC champ?

Josh Barnett won a title belt at the age of 24 making him the youngest champ in UFC history. This is true... but before they even had a title belt, vitor belfort won the ufc (MORE)

Who is 1908 World Series champs?

  The Chicago Cubs won their second World Series in a row...and their last.
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