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Who is Ben Chan?

Ben Chan is a violinist who started a YouTube Channel in October 2007 where he posted a few video responses to YouTube viewer inquiries. As of September 2009, his channel has (MORE)

Who is Travia Chan?

Travia Chan was a human female from the planet Fest. She was the founder of the Fest Resistance Group. Learn more about her at the related link below

What does Chan mean?

It's a Chinese family name! No special meaning!\n. \nIn Japanese, -chan goes after your given name and means "cute little". So if you call Michael Jackson "Mike-chan", it's l (MORE)

What are snow Chans?

Snow chains are metal chains wrapped around the front and rear tires and motor vehicles. They are used to provide extra traction in conditions such as thick snow and ice.
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What is buburin-chan?

its a drawing of weird and ugly person with soo many makeups. sometimes, it can have weird hair, weird face shape, and more! anyway, buburin-chan is a weird person.
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Who is Johnny Chan?

Johnny Chan (born in 1957) is a legendary and highly respected Chinese American professional poker player. Chan is known for his excellent poker strategy and wins. In his care (MORE)

Who is David Chan?

David Chan, jr. the third is a hollywood producer whose most recognized films may be the first three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies in the series.