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What is the chancellor in Germany?

A chancellor is like the position of a Prime Minister HE/She is basically the real leader of the country. The titular head of state is the president but this is a largely cere (MORE)
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Who is the Chancellor of Germany?

The current (2012) Chancellor of Germany is Angela Merkel. The current German chancellor is Angela Merkel.
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What does a chancellor of a university do?

In the US, the Chancellor is in charge of a campus of the University. The Head of the overall University is the President. In the UK, the Chancellor is the owner of the Univ (MORE)
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What is a chancellor of Germany?

Answer   The Chancellor (currently Angela Merkel) is head of the administration. The German President, whose powers are largely ceremonial and very limited, is the offici (MORE)

Can a Roman Catholic be the Chancellor Exchequer?

A timely question considering the anything-but-saintly Dominque ( both a male and female name in French!) I well remember the song. The Chancellor of theExchequer corresponds (MORE)

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