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What are the chances?

Of getting pregnant? Significantly high, even with protection. Seriously, wait until you are married. It will mean sooooo much more to you then! You will only end up getting h (MORE)

Who is greyson chance?

Greyson Michael Chance is an American pop rock singer and pianist. His 2010 performance of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" was what first made him an Internet sensation.
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What is chad with a chance on Sonny With a Chance about?

chad is charicter on sonny with a chance who is played by sterlin night. he works in the same studio as sonny,tawni,nico ect. but hes not on the same show as them.hes stars in (MORE)

How do you get a chance in MLB?

you have to keep studying baseball and become an excellent player  then you go to the miner leagues and if you are a good player,  managers of mlb teams will have to see you (MORE)

What is Marshall with a chance on Sonny With a Chance about?

This is the summary I heard about which my dad told me since he works for Disney Channel. Summary Plot: The So Random Cast did a sketch (not sure which sketch it is) which Ma (MORE)