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What are the chances of suicide?

depending on the age of the person if they are 10-14 there is a 1/100,000 if the person is 15-24 there is a chance of 1/10,000 and if they are older then 24 there is a chance (MORE)

What is a chance in hockey?

a chance, or scoring chance in ice hockey is the same as a shot on goal. A chance is recorded each time the puck is moving in line where it would go into the net if nothing bl (MORE)

Who is Chance Booher?

He is a boy who runs around Union Star RII that we don't know what to do with. There is also the possibility he is a pimp. I tend to think he is a top secret ninja that loves (MORE)

What is chad with a chance on Sonny With a Chance about?

chad is charicter on sonny with a chance who is played by sterlin night. he works in the same studio as sonny,tawni,nico ect. but hes not on the same show as them.hes stars in (MORE)

What is Marshall with a chance on Sonny With a Chance about?

This is the summary I heard about which my dad told me since he works for Disney Channel. Summary Plot: The So Random Cast did a sketch (not sure which sketch it is) which M (MORE)