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What are useful changes and harmful change?

Useful change is something which fixes something which is broken or out-of-date or makes using something easier and more smooth. Harmful change is something which is made pure (MORE)
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How did Mrs Auld change and why did she change?

\nHer warm-hearted actions towards Douglass cease after she is scolded by her husband for teaching Douglass the ABC's. She loses the view of slaves being human beings because (MORE)

Why are changes in a phase physical changes?

  Because the chemical of that susbstance does not change, the only change in phase transition is the physical properties.   For example, water (liquid) ------> water ( (MORE)

How can a change in color be a physical change?

A color change is only a chemical change if the change is permanent, if the color change is not permanent, then it is likely a physical change. Let's look at Iodine for exampl (MORE)

What never changes after a chemical change?

the number of atoms? if the chemical change happens in a closed space, all the atoms are still present in one form or another. In another words, chemical reactions follows the (MORE)

What phase change is an endothermic change?

Endothermic phase changes are melting, vaporization and sublimation. In each of these, energy must be added to the substance to bring about the phase change. vaporization
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Can you change?

Yep! You first have to look at yourself objectively and find what you don't like. Then you take steps to change that depending on what it is. It takes commitment, but you can (MORE)

Who sang change change change?

Twins sang the song Change Change Change. This was the theme song for the movie Twins Effect starring Jackie Chan. Other possibility: It's "chain chain chain" and it's cal (MORE)
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What changes when gravitational force changes?

The weight of the object changes, directly proportional to the sum of the mass of the object, and the increase in gravity. The mass itself remains unaltered.
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Can you change the frequency of oil changes?

Yes you can I was told by a manufacture that the oil company set the standards for the oil changes not the car co. and that cars these days and a lot before can actually go 65 (MORE)