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How do you change who you are?

How to change who you are DON'T. Who you are is what makes you special. Be who you are and don't let what nobody says or does change you. This way you'll be ruly happy and go (MORE)

How can you change?

You its yourself to control yourself to help change yourself to make a change in peoples life. This is ALL depending on you not other people YOU!!
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Can a will be changed?

Yes, a living person can change their will, either by writing a newone or by adding a codicil. In both cases the new/replacement willor codicil need to be formally witnessed t (MORE)

What is the change?

the change is when you are tall enough to see the horizon from the most specific view in the continent of America, especially when the Korean war was started by Africa by bomb (MORE)

Will he change for her?

let me elaborate - my ex was physically and emotionally abusive. Has been in the physc center at a local hosital and been in rehab. I finally left him in April '09, in Aug '09 (MORE)

Can you change?

Yep! You first have to look at yourself objectively and find what you don't like. Then you take steps to change that depending on what it is. It takes commitment, but you can (MORE)
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Is changed or has changed?

Both. He is a changed man. Or he went to prison (for example) and now he is nice- he has changed. I hope this helps...
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How do you change my answer?

To change your answer, you'll probably have to go through some sort of option in the website where you submitted your answer. You may be given an option to edit answers to que (MORE)
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How do you change about me?

You might change certain things about you by meditating or studying to better yourself. You could also change things about yourself by consciously trying to correct bad habits (MORE)
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How you changed?

I changed my behavior by following the rules and regulations ofeverything while showing respect to all people as well the propertyof other people.