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Why does direction change when you change velocity?

Direction does not have to change when velocity is changed. You can  move North at 10 m/s and change it to 8 m/s a second later. You  would still be moving North.   But (MORE)

Does changing the mass change the weight?

Weight is a measure of the gravitational force between two objects (normally the Earth and whatever it is we're weighing). It is directly proportional to mass, so yes: two obj (MORE)

Can you change?

Yep! You first have to look at yourself objectively and find what you don't like. Then you take steps to change that depending on what it is. It takes commitment, but you can (MORE)

Who sang change change change?

Twins sang the song Change Change Change. This was the theme song for the movie Twins Effect starring Jackie Chan. Other possibility: It's "chain chain chain" and it's cal (MORE)
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Is a physical change a chemical change?

No. A physical change is a change that does not change the chemical composition of a substance, while a chemical change does change the chemical composition of a substance.
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When matter changes state what does change?

The change in the state of matter lead to the following being altered: - The strength of the inter-molecular forces - The positions and movements of the particles in the m (MORE)