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Who are the characters in vocaloid?

See below for the lists. *** OVERVIEW *** As of 13 Aug, 2012, there are about 41 official Vocaloid characters as part of officially released software or known to exist wit (MORE)

What is an antagonists character?

The antagonist character is like the opposing force that goes against the protagonist. For example in Cinderella, the antagonists would be the sisters. The antagonist doesn't (MORE)
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What are parallel characters?

Another character in the story which is the same or similar to the original character (i.e: has the same attributes)

Who is the characters of Ramayana?

Rama - The heroRavana - The villainSita - Rama's wifeLakshmana - Rama's brotherHanuman - Rama's best friend These are the important characters of the epic Ramayana
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What is round character?

A round character is a character who changes throughout the story. Let's say at the beginning he was afraid but at the end he faced his fears. That is the definition to round (MORE)

What is a character trait?

Character traits are distinctive features which are exhibited by  all members of a group, and which are capable of being described or  measured.   Character traits are a (MORE)

What is a character web?

The educational tool that is used to help remember a character is a  character web. The character's name goes in the center circle and  the words that describe the character (MORE)

Who are the characters of vocaloid?

Current list of existing voice libraries with characters. Lola Leon Miriam MEIKO KAITO Sweet Ann Hatsune Miku, 初音ミク Kagamine Rin, 鏡音リン Kagami (MORE)

What do characters do in a story?

Characters in a story move the storyline forward (and may show the past in flashbacks). Characters do this through actions and especially in dialogue to make a "show don't tel (MORE)