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What would you buy in a charcuterie?

Meat It is the craft of salting, smoking and curing meat English for the French charcuterie is probably delicatessen
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What does a Charcuterie sell?

Charcuterie includes, but is not limited to, mostly pork items, or items combined with pork or pork fat. You will find: bacon, sausage, ham, pates, terrines, galantines, and c ( Full Answer )
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Which branch of cooking is charcuterie dedicated to?

The branch of cooking that "charcuterie" is dedicated to is prepared meat products. The most commonly used of these products include bacon, sausage and ham.
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Where is Charcuterie located?

"Charcuterie" is the general French word for delicatessen,specifically all kinds of meats, dried, raw, smoked, slicedetcetera. It is not a specific part of an animal.