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How do you pronounce the Greek word Charis?

charis. all the letters pronounced as their regular form. only e is pronounced like exit. enunciate at the (a) : ch(a)ris
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How do you pronounce charis?

Charis is of greek origin and pronounced Kah-riss.. Another unrelated name with the same pronounciation (and a more intuitive spelling) is Carys.
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Use chary in a sentence?

Meaning "very cautious or suspicious," the term "chary" is uncommonbut still useful in contemporary English. One example-sentence forit is as follows: "While he was chary of s ( Full Answer )
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What does ma chari mean in English?

Ma chérie means sweetie or darling. It's a term of affection usually towards family or a spouse. Very commonly used in France.
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Where is Chari located on a map?

The river rises in the Central African Republic, flows north west through Chad to Lake Chad
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What does the name chary mean?

While I don't believe "Chary" means anything, "Cherry" means a Cherry fruit. Sorry if that was not a typo, but that was all I could think of.
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What was Charis the goddess of?

Charis, in greek mythology, is one of the Charities, goddesses of charm, human creativity, nature, beauty, and fertility. Her name was derived from the Greek word meaning "gr ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the name Charie?

Charie, a girl's name originating from Greece, means grace. Charie is a variant of Charis and is a quite rare name for women. Charie could also be regarded as a variant of the ( Full Answer )
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What part of speech is chary?

"Chary" is an adjective. It can take "of something" as acomplement, and then it will follow the noun it modifies. The chary lawyer, the chariest person, a man chary of his ti ( Full Answer )