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How does the chariot work?

Chariots were horse-driven carriages which could host one to four men. They were first developed buy a proto Indo-Iranian people in present day Kazakhstan from around 2000 BC. (MORE)
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What is chariot racing?

Chariot racing is an old Greek,Roman sport that was created for entertainment chariot race is one driver pulled by horse. The racers race in circles in the Circus maximus (bui (MORE)

What is a Roman chariot?

A Roman chariot is way of transport for the Romans, mostly the rich. They were also used in gladiator arenas and some Roman wars. Chariots consisted of a small semi-circle ca (MORE)

What are Roman charioteers?

Charioteers were the men who drove the racing chariots, or any chariot for that matter. In the case of ancient Rome, the charioteers could be likened to today's race car drive (MORE)

When was the chariot created?

Prior to 2000 BC. The actual period is unknown as not enough artifacts have been found. However, drawings have been found to convincingly show chariots were in use in Mesopota (MORE)
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What is a chariot?

  A chariot is a cart that is open at the back and is pulled by horses. This vehicle is built low so that the vehicle can be stood upon and driven in the standing position (MORE)

Where did roman chariot races come from?

The Romans absorbed chariot racing from the Etruscans and quite possibly from the Greeks in southern Italy. Those two ethnic groups are known to have had chariot races and it (MORE)