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When did Charles Babbage get married?

He married in 1814, on 27th July when he was only 23 years old- his wife was Georgiana Whitmore, and they lived at Dudmaston Hall in Shropshire before moving to the Portland P (MORE)

Did Charles Babbage have any nicknames?

Answer:   Yes, one of his nicknames was "The Grandfather of Modern Computing," according to the article on this website.   Answer: According to one internet blogger, (MORE)

Who was Charles Babbage?

Charles Babbage is known as the father of computing. In 1822, while at the Cambridge University in UK, Charles Babbage was critical of the navigation tables of the day. Most (MORE)

5 facts about Charles Babbage?

1__theres a crater on the moon named after him 2__hes caled "the father of computing" 3__as a 'wittle kid', wenever he got a toy, he took it apart and figured out how it worke (MORE)

Did Charles Babbage have children?

Answer: Yes, Charles Babbage had 11 children. Answer: According to biographer Anthony Hyman, Charles Babbage and his wife, Georgiana, had at least eight children between 170 (MORE)
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Short biography of Charles Babbage?

Charles Babbage, FRS (26 December 1791 - 18 October 1871)was an English mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer who originated the concept of a programmab (MORE)