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What is Harrods?

Harrods is a department store in London, England. It sells carpets, curtains, toys and lots more.

Why was King Charles 1 beheaded?

For waging war against Parliament, particularly in the Second Civil War (1648). He'd been spared after his first defeat: in taking up arms again he was considered to have acte (MORE)

Why did charles 1 surrender?

Charles 1 never in fact surrendered. At the end of the Civil War, when the Royalist forces had been defeated, Charles was captured and in the custody of Cromwell's forces. Des (MORE)

What bad things did Charles 1 do?

he rules 11 years without parliament. 1629-1640  made people pay ship money in 1635  went to war with the Scots! in 1639  caused the execution of strafford 1641. (MORE)
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Was Charles 1 guilty or innocent?

He was put on trial and they proved him guilty only because there were no defence lawyers. But I think he was innocent. Here are some points: 1. He married Henrietta Maria ON (MORE)

Who owns harrods?

Although many thinks of Harrods as a British institution, it is  actually owned by Qatar Holdings, the sovereign wealth fund of the  State of Qatar. Quatar Holdings acquired (MORE)

What was Charles 1 like?

Charles 1 was very opinionated, as he did not care if the  Parliament or the people of his country disagreed with an idea he  had, but instead still believed in it and stuck (MORE)

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