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When did Charles II die?

Charles II (29th May 1630 - 6th February 1685) aged 54. Charles was born the second son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria. In 1646, the royal family saw that the war was goin (MORE)

How did King Charles II die?

Charles II (King of England - b. 1630 - d. 1684)- Cause of Death: Uraemic convulsions. Contrary to what many people think, Charles II was a man of quite spare eating and dri (MORE)

Where was King Charles II born?

he was born in London, England on May 29th, 1630. Charles II, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland was born in St. James Palace in London, England in 1630. However - there (MORE)

Who succeeded King Charles II?

  His brother James II was King after Charles died, but several years later the daughter and son-in-law of James (William and Mary) took over           (MORE)

Was King Charles II popular?

Charles II was a fairly popular monarch. After Oliver Cromwell's rule, which took a lot of fun out of people's lives, the relaxed King Charles was a welcome change. Also helpi (MORE)

What was King Charles II like?

His nickname was "the Merry Monarch", which should tell you something. He could be friendly, relatively tolerant and was very fond of beautiful women. During the Great Fire (MORE)

Who did Charles II marry?

Charles II married Catherine of Braganza, daughter of John of Braganza (later John IV of Portugal) and Luisa de Guzman. There were three marriage ceremonies: The couple were m (MORE)

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