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What year did Charles II take the throne?

After the death (executed by beheaded) of Charles I in 1649 there was a commonwealth (no king) until Charles II was asked to take the throne (and having to come out of exile) (MORE)

When did Charles II return?

I think it is 1660 that was when he came back to London from France.   Charles II arrived in England on 25th May, 1660. On his 30th birthday, 29th, May, 1660 Charles arrive (MORE)

How long did Charles II reign?

King Charles IICharles II was born on 29th May 1630. He became King Of England on 29th May 1660 when the English monarchy was restored, and reigned until his death on 8th Fe (MORE)

How did religious attitudes affect the rule of Charles II and James II?

Charles II was a Catholic Christian. He established the Royal  Society and also signed a secret treaty with King Louis XIV of  France to restore Catholicism in Europe.   (MORE)

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Why was Charles II not an effective leader?

He was too laid back. He spent lots of money and ended up with debt.
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What was King Charles II like?

His nickname was "the Merry Monarch", which should tell you something. He could be friendly, relatively tolerant and was very fond of beautiful women. During the Great Fire (MORE)

What did King Charles II reestablished?

In May, 1660, Charles II reestablished the monarchy following the  fall of the English Commonwealth. Although he attempted to bring  back religious tolerance to Britain, his (MORE)

What did King Charles II do?

He brought back theatres, games, partying, drinking and  Christmas. All of these were banned during the reign of Oliver  Cromwell. He also helped to put out the fire of Lond (MORE)