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Who are the inVENtors of the elements?

This answer assumes that by "elements" you mean those elements expressed in science, as on the Periodic Table. If you mean something else, this will be completely wrong. The (MORE)

Who is the inventor of parkour?

A french man by the name of David Belle is commonly attributed as the original traucer (a person that performs parkour). David Belle himself would say that parkour is not inve (MORE)
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Where is Kettering Hospital located?

Assuming that the "Kettering General Hospital" is meant here. The "Kettering General Hospital" is located at Rothwell Road, Kettering, Northants NN16 8UZ, UK.
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Who is the inventor of WWE?

vince McMahon he is the boss but in 2 years he will not be anymore because he been boss for 30 years
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Who is the inventor of anime?

Anime was actually greatly influenced by Walt Disney. First introduced as a propaganda tool to boost morale by showing Japanese war victories. The oldest one recorded was at (MORE)

Who was the inventor of billiards?

There is no inventor of billiards. The game evolved in Italy and France from the Italian game of trucco. The "father" of the game of billiards as we know it can best be attrib (MORE)

What do inventors do?

Inventors think of things like something that can capture a bird without hurting it. Then they create those things, like cameras. You can take a picture of a bird without hurt (MORE)

What did Charles Kettering invent?

  Kettering Inventions   * Electric cash register  * Electric auto ignition and self-starter for automobiles first appeared on the 1912 Cadillac. Within a few years, D (MORE)

Who was the inventor of the storyboard?

Storyboards, as they are known today, were developed at the Walt  Disney Studio in the early 1930s. Walt Disney credited animator  Webb Smith with coming up with the idea of (MORE)