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What were Charles De Gaulle's hobbies?

Charles de Gaulle was not a hobby kind of guy. He did write a prescient military doctrine book before WW2, predicting the importance of concentrated tank formations. That book (MORE)

What did Charles de Montesquieu achieve?

He is famous for his articulation of the theory of separation of powers, taken for granted in modern discussions of government and implemented in many constitutions throughou (MORE)

How do I get to Charles de Gaulle Airport from Paris?

From Paris to Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport is about 30 km. You can travel by car, taxi, bus or fast train. Buses and trains take about an hour and cost between 8 and 17 (MORE)

Why was Charles de gaulle famous?

There were many reasons for the fame of Charles de Gaulle. He was a  French General and statesman during World War II that led the Free  French Forces. He was the founder of (MORE)

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