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Is Charles schulz still alive?

No. ..Charles M. Schulz , the artist and creator of the comic strip "Peanuts" , died , of complication from Colon Cancer at age 77 on Febuary 12 , 2000 in Santa Rosa , Califor (MORE)

Charles m schulz famous quotes?

"A cartoonist is someone who has to draw the same thing day after day without repeating himself." ~ Charles M. Schulz More quotes at the link below .
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Why did Charles Schulz call comic strip 'Peanuts'?

Schulz biographies have explained he created a L'IL FOLKS comic strip and later used the idea for his newer creation. The editors came up with PEANUTS for the name (and it has (MORE)

Did Charles Schulz win any awards?

  Cartoonist and creator of "Peanuts," Charles M. Schulz (born 1922) was the winner of two Reuben, two Peabody, and five Emmy awards and a member of the Cartoonist Hall of (MORE)

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