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Is Philip Seymour Hoffman an atheist?

Hoffman was baptised a Catholic and attended mass as a child, but did not have a heavily religious upbringing. Hoffman was also discreet about his religious and political beli (MORE)

What is a Duke?

AnswerA Duke is the highest level of the peerage. The Royal Dukes, currently are Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall Prince Andrew, Duke of York Prince Philip, Duke o (MORE)

When was Somerset County founded?

There are four Somerset Counties in different states across the US. According to the NACo, the year in which each Somerset County was founded is listed as follows:   * So (MORE)

When did Seymour Cray make the Supercomputer?

Cray's first supercomputer was the CDC 6600 in 1964. The IBM 7030 Stretch (1961), UNIVAC LARC (1960), and IBM NORC (1954) supercomputers had preceded it but few of them were (MORE)

How Charles Hooper displayed the quality of faith during his struggle for survival in the story a dog named duke?

charles Hooper was a man of courage. He met with a severe accident and got paralysed but he mustered courage to adapt himself to the new situation. He displayed great persevar (MORE)

Why did Henry VIII get with Jane Seymour?

Henry got with Jane about a month or two before Anne's execution. He moved Jane into the castle apartments which had belonged to one of Henry's ministers. Jane was actually be (MORE)

Who was Jane Seymour?

Answer   Jane Seymour was the third wife of King Henry VIII of England.   She was born around 1509, the daughter of Sir John Seymour and his wife Margaret Wentworth.  (MORE)