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What religion was Charles the 1 of England?

Charles 1 was a Protestant, he then married Henrietta Maria, which caused problems between Parliament and King Charles 1. He made changes to the church for Henrietta Maria, (MORE)
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What do you think about Charles Whitman?

Not the evil killing machine everyone makes him out to be. The brain tumor had a lot to do with his actions and can account for his impulsive shooting.
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Who is Charles Whitman what did he do?

Charles Whitman was a young man who was a student at the University of Texas. He was known as a good man by many people and had no history of violence. He then began to experi (MORE)

Why was Charles 1 marriage a problem?

This is because England was a protestant country and by marrying a Catholic french woman (henrietta maria) parliament was worried the country would go back to being Catholic

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Was king Charles the 1 unpopular?

In an age without newspapers, paparazzi and Internet any king was  in the eyes of the 'common' people a distant figure to be treated  with reverence and to be cheered when h (MORE)