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Who is charlie charlie?

Charlie is a Mexican EVIL spirit and can only be summoned by  playing the Charlie Charlie game
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What is the Charlie Charlie game?

the charlie charlie game is a game played to get into contact with  a demon and how you play is that you put a cross with pencils and  put yes or no in the four corners and (MORE)

Who is Charlie Chopin?

I think that you might mean charlie chaplin and if you do he was a world famous mime you might want to look him up on youtube
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How do you do charlie charlie?

You get two pencils and a piece of paper write yes in two corners  and no in the other ones then you say charlie charlie are you there  and wait for it to move. The pencils (MORE)

Who is Charlie Battles?

Charlie Battles is a professional steer wrestler and bulldogger who was married to Reba McEntire. They divorced in 1987.
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What is a charli?

  The US military alphabet is (or was during the Viet War) Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, etc. Charlie was for the letter "C", which stood for e (MORE)

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