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What is the tuna diet?

  Answer   this is a "hardcore" fat loss diet used by bodybuilders leading up to a contest. It is simple in concept, torture to follow. You consume nothing but tuna (MORE)

How do they put tuna in a can?

The tuna is filleted then grinded and placed in the can with a preservative e.g vegetable oil, water
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Is tuna in a can cooked?

Yes, tuna in a can and in the newer pouches is completely cooked. It has been cooked, cooled, properly canned with bones removed. It can be purchased packed in water, or oil, (MORE)

Does tuna have fiber?

  Canned tuna nutritonal value labels show that the tuna has no dietary fiber.
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What is tongol tuna?

  A very nice tuna, caught primarily in the Indian and Western Pacific oceans. It has a nice light flavor, similar to albacore (and some would say better), and is fairly l (MORE)

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What is a tuna tower?

It is the tower on a fishing boat mostly bigger center consols and sports fishermen that u can climb up on to spot fish there is also a set of helm controls on a tuna tower so (MORE)

Can you freeze tuna?

yes you can i did at the start of November and i ate it on the start of December and it was better when it was in the freezer than the stright out the tin
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Why is pyrophosphate in tuna?

to keep mineral crystals from building up on the fish (sodium acid pyrophosphate). Sodium pyrophosphate is used as a buffering agent, an emulsifier, a dispersing agent, and a (MORE)
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How do you do charlie charlie?

You get two pencils and a piece of paper write yes in two corners  and no in the other ones then you say charlie charlie are you there  and wait for it to move. The pencils (MORE)

How is tuna caught?

Usually in nets   Also they are caught in harpoons and various types of rods. It all depends on which type of tuna you want
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