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What does charlie watts drive?

Charlie Watts can't drive.He jut has a huge collection of cars. He has no driving liscence.

What does 1 watt equal?

The watt is a measurement of work done by an object at constant  velocity and under constant force. 1 watt, therefore, is equal to 1  Joule per second.

Convert 1 ton to watts?

You cannot convert tons to watts. A ton is a unit of weight. A watt  is a unit of power.
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1 Amp how many watts?

Since the formula for calculating watts is: amps * volts = watts If you have 1 Amp, then the watts would equal the volts. But recognize that volts will not always equal wa (MORE)
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How many watts in 1 kilowatt?

  There are 1,000 Watts in a Kilowatt. One Kilowatt is equivalent to 1,000 Joules per Second. The prefix Kilo means 1,000 and Watt means Joules per second.
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How many volt is 1 watt?

A volt is used to measure potential or potential difference (voltage), whereas a watt is used to measure power. So, your question is rather like asking 'How many metres are th (MORE)

How much watt is 1 joule?

One Watt during one second (Wattsecond) equals one Joule, so one  Watthour will be 3 600 Joules.   Answer    You are confusing power (measured in watts) with  ene (MORE)