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How much watt is 1 joule?

One Watt during one second (Wattsecond) equals one Joule, so one  Watthour will be 3 600 Joules.   Answer    You are confusing power (measured in watts) with  ene (MORE)

1 kVA is how many watts?

The relationship between kVA and W varies according to the nature of the load. The volt ampere is the unit of measurement for the apparent power of a load, obtained by multi (MORE)

1 unit is how many watts?

One kilowatt-hour is equal to one unit of electrical energy. The name, unit, as it relates to energy measurement, originates from 'Board of Trade Unit'. It is used in the Unit (MORE)

How many watts is 1 volt?

This question does not make sense, because Watt is always a result of voltage and electricity or P (Watt)= U (Voltage) x I (electricity). More precisely, the volt is a unit of (MORE)

How many watts 1 amp?

Watts (P) = Volts (V) x Current (I) Assumption V = 115 VAC, I = 1A P= 115 x 1, P = 115W 1 Amp @ 115VAC power system = 115W Assumption V =230VAC (international system), (MORE)

1 Amp how many watts?

Since the formula for calculating watts is: amps * volts = watts If you have 1 Amp, then the watts would equal the volts. But recognize that volts will not always equal wa (MORE)

How many volt is 1 watt?

A volt is used to measure potential or potential difference (voltage), whereas a watt is used to measure power. So, your question is rather like asking 'How many metres are th (MORE)