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What can you get from forest?

forests give us tangible benefits ( which can be quantified in money) and non-tangible benefits ( which cannot be quantified easily). Tangible benefits include timber, fuelwoo (MORE)

How do you play in the forest on endless forest?

I know how you feel, I was a rookie at first. This guide will give  you almost everything you need to know about endless forest.    What do I do?   You can do a lo (MORE)
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What does a forest symbolize?

A forest is a symbol for mystery, secrecy, and human unconsciousness. Also, in romantic poetry it may symbolize discovering a woman's secrets and mystery. Remember that forest (MORE)

What does a forester do?

A forester protects the woods by overseeing the various activities that go on in there. He keeps watch on hunters or woodcutters and checks their illegal activities. He takes (MORE)

How is a forest fire bad for the forest?

Forest fires cover large patches of forests and they burn the biomass both plant and animal that come in the way. Fires burn away the fertile humus layer of soil and make the (MORE)

How does a forest form?

A forest can form anywhere the plant life and animal life can  thrive without disruption. Any land combined with weather  conditions that can support the ecosystem will enab (MORE)
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Is Sherwood forest a real forest?

In the very heart of Nottinghamshire lies the ancient forest of Birklands, an extensive area of old pasture woodlands and heath on the nutrient-poor soils of the Sherwood sand (MORE)