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How do the Chartres cathedral represent the Gothic style?

A must see site, this is a small excerpt from that site: In the early years of the twelfth century, Abbot Suger of St. Denis set out to rebuild the choir of his abbey churc (MORE)
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What are the dimensions for the chartres cathedral?

Statistics from the Wikipedia article: . length: 130 metres (430 ft) . width: 32 metres (100 ft) / 46 metres (150 ft) . nave: height 37 metres (120 ft); width 16.4 metres (MORE)

How is the chartres cathedral built?

On 10 June 1194 another fire caused extensive damage to Fulbert's cathedral. The true extent of the damage is unknown, though the fact that the lead (MORE)

What is the road mileage from chartres to angouleme?

410 kilometres (255 miles) taking this route: . Take A11 LE MANS, from Chartres, to A28 TOURS, outside of Le Mans. . Take A28 to A10 BORDEAUX, outside of Tours. . Take A1 (MORE)