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What does chattel mean?

Chattel is any article of tangible property other than land, buildings, and other things annexed to land
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Is money chattel?

Yes, if you argue the modern catch-all definition of "chattel." Here is the quote from Cornell University Law School's Legal Information Institute: . A catch-all categor ( Full Answer )
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How do you use chattels in a sentence?

He had his postal collection as chattels. In the past, a woman's father had to give chattels when hisdaughter married. Chattels are possessions, which are usually of value, t ( Full Answer )
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What is an antonym for chattel?

The answer for an antonym of Chattel is House, Business, and Bones. . I hope this answer helped!
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What is the historical meaning of chattel and chattel law?

The term chattel is derived from the root word cattle . In some jurisdictions chattel refers to items of property that are movable as distinguished from real property. In ( Full Answer )
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Can animals be chattel?

Yes. Black's Law Dictionary 9th Ed: "Chattel - Movable or transferable personal property; esp., a physical object capable of manual delivery and not the subject of real ( Full Answer )
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What are the terms of a chattel mortgage?

the buyer signs a promissory note, secured by the product, that constitutes a promise to repay the debt. The mortgage will typically contain an acceleration clause
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What is an example of chattel paper?

In a simple example of a setting in which a chattel paper might be used, an equipment rental company could rent equipment to a business, and retain a lien on the equipment. In ( Full Answer )
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What are chattels considered by law?

The term 'chattel' is used in the legal system. A chattel would be a word used to denote the presence of goods or personality. One can learn more about the legal system at the ( Full Answer )
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What is a chattel slave?

Chattel slave is known as slave traditional slave. This is whereslaves are treated as chattel.