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What is a 'chav'?

Answer 1: As you can clearly see. The chav is a failed product of society. It is overly aggresive due to its inferior intelligence. It compensates for its poor choices in l (MORE)

How do you become a chav?

These Steps are targeted at female chavs. Steps Look Like a Chav # For clothes, invest in some trackies (tracksuit bottoms, preferably white) also wear a hoodie, either in (MORE)

What does 'chav' mean?

Answer chav (n. and adj.) - vulgar, uneducated, brash . Chav is a term used towards someone who wears a particular fashion and acts a certain way. The usual 'design' of a ch (MORE)

What is chav?

chav stands for Council House, Anti -social behaviour and violence. it is a stero type for people who fake accents and usually wer Hats, cheap bling and tracksuits. The (MORE)

Are chavs bad?

well, it depends what you mean by 'bad'. chavs usually smoke, swear, fight and hang around on the streets. if people dress in tracksuits or sportswear, it doesnt mean they are (MORE)

What do chavs wear?

Chavs normally wear tracksuits, burberry scarves,allot of big jewellery, baseball caps and trainers, although all of this may have a named brand on them quite a few chavs will (MORE)

What is a Chav?

Chav is a term used in the United Kingdom to refer to an aggressiveteenager who repeatedly practices anti-social behavour. They areoften from unemployed or working class backg (MORE)

What are chav names?

Chavs names: Abbi,britnay,chealse,cher,cheryl,daniella,freya,frankie,gorgie,maziy,chantell,racheal ,layla,lila,zara,sadie,danny,keton,dickie,lottie,cortny,dain,selena,demi,m (MORE)
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What is a chav song?

chavs like all kinds of songs including ,. hip-hop. rap. dance anthems. mostly from , snoop dogg , eminem, the prodigy, n-dubz.. (MORE)