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What is a 'chav'?

Answer 1: As you can clearly see. The chav is a failed product of society. It is overly aggresive due to its inferior intelligence. It compensates for its poor choices in li (MORE)

What are some chav words?

are you dumb blud, edyat ting, you dunknow, safe cuz, brap, blut, seen, skeen, wasteman, waste gyal, sound, heavy, sik, chief, boyed, par, are you dizzy bruv, pussyole, gash, (MORE)

What does 'chav' mean?

chav (n. and adj.) - vulgar, uneducated, brash. Chav is a term used towards someone who wears a particular fashion and acts a certain way. The usual 'design' of a chav is trak (MORE)

What do chavs wear?

Chavs normally wear tracksuits, burberry scarves,allot of big jewellery, baseball caps and trainers, although all of this may have a named brand on them quite a few chavs will (MORE)
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Can chavs eat?

It has recently been revealed that chavs CAN in fact it. it came as a shock. no they cant because if they eat they will keep on living and we cant let that happen
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Are the diary of a chav books good?

Yes they I have read all of them about 10 times they are very funny but are for the older end of the children like me.    another user:i kno this has nothing to do with t (MORE)