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Will there be a cheaper by the dozen4?

yes there will be. The Baker family goes to Hollywood for a big movie tht they will star in. There will be the same cast along with some others and there will be famous actres ( Full Answer )
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How do you get cheaper insurance?

Avoid getting into accidents or getting tickets, maintain a good personal credit rating and finally, Shop around for the best rate you can find.
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What will cheaper by the dozen be about?

The film was about the Baker family with it's ups and down. A family of 12 children who reside in Midland. Tom Baker (Steve Martin) gets an offer for his dream job to become ( Full Answer )
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Why is hardwood cheaper?

Hardwood is normally more expensive than softwood. This is because hard wood is generally a better quality than softwood, takes longer to grow and is pretty.
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What is the opposite of cheaper?

The opposite of cheaper is costlier (more costly) or more expensive. Where it refers to quality, the opposite could be superior or of higher quality.
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Why is eBay cheaper?

people trying to get rid of stuff quickly know it will sell quicker if they sell it at a lower price people also may get stuff in bulk and are able to make a profit even at a ( Full Answer )
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What limo is cheaper?

Limos range from all different prices depending on time of day, how far the ride, how long the ride, the type of car and other factors, which makes knowing prices difficult. I ( Full Answer )
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Is homeschool cheaper?

It depends on how you plan to Home School your son/daughter, if you plan to teach them using a comp program than you will spend about 1-350 hundred dollars. But you also know ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a cheaper iPad?

When the ipad 2 and 3 comes out the ipad would be alot cheaper mabye to about $350.00
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Can you get Minecraft cheaper?

no. in fact, if you don't buy it now in beta, it will become more expensive. although you can Pirate it, you loose a lot of features of having a real account.