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What is a virus checker?

A type of antivirus program that searches a system for virus signatures that have attached to executable programs and applications such as e-mail clients. A virus scanner can (MORE)

What is Factory checker?

A factory checker is one who monitors the inflow and outflow of goods and materials in a factory particularly with respect to those goods and materials that go in to the wareh (MORE)

How many checkers are on a checker bored?

If you mean "How many squares are on a checker-board?" then: There are 32 red squares and 32 black squares, making a total of 64 squares. If you mean "How many pieces are o (MORE)

How do you win checkers?

You win at checkers by removing all of your opponent's pieces or by cornering the opponent's pieces to get the opponent to bust.
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What is checkers?

-English Draughts, aka American checkers, is a board game that is  played on an 8x8 board consisting of interchanging colors. For a  complete explanation, just go to the lin (MORE)

Is checkers a sport?

i phone the Olympics sport association and they confirmed that checkers is a sport but chess isn't.
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What is the object of checkers?

The object of checkers is to have at least one checker piece left when your partner has none.
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What is the objective of checkers?

The objective of checkers is to get as many kings as possible and try to defeat the opponent. You want the opponent to have zero checkers and you have more than zero.
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Why is checkers called checkers?

Checkers comes from a very old game called Alquerque. Alquerque was  played on a different kind of board. Around the 12th century, a  French person used a chess board to pla (MORE)