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What is checkers?

-English Draughts, aka American checkers, is a board game that isplayed on an 8x8 board consisting of interchanging colors. For acomplete explanation, just go to the link belo ( Full Answer )
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What is a spell checker?

A "spell checker" is the program tool that allows you to check yourspelling when you are typing on your computer. Most will signal amisspelled word and many will recommend a c ( Full Answer )
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What is a checker?

a checker is one of the pieces in a game of checkers (: or it is a square in a pattern of a bunch of squares (:
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Which is older checkers or Chinese checkers?

Checkers is the older game. Specifically, Chinese checkers is neither Chinese nor a form of checkers. Instead, it was invented in Germany around 1890. It is based on halma , ( Full Answer )
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What is the objective of checkers?

The objective of checkers is to get as many kings as possible and try to defeat the opponent. You want the opponent to have zero checkers and you have more than zero.
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What is transistor checker?

A: Any VOHM can check a transistor but only as good or bad .It will never tell you how good or how bad. A TEKTRONIC curve tracer does a very decent job for these devices.
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Who was Checkers Nixon?

President Richard Nixon's dog. Checkers Nixon was a dog received by Nixon and most famously mentioned in Nixon's "Checkers Speech", where he defended himself against accusat ( Full Answer )
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What is game checkers?

It is a game that is really old and very interesting. It can also train your mental abilities and improve your logic. You can check the site below, you will find the game an ( Full Answer )
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How many checkers are on a checker bored?

If you mean "How many squares are on a checker-board?" then: There are 32 red squares and 32 black squares, making a total of 64 squares. If you mean "How many pieces are o ( Full Answer )
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Why is checkers called checkers?

Checkers comes from a very old game called Alquerque. Alquerque wasplayed on a different kind of board. Around the 12th century, aFrench person used a chess board to play Alqu ( Full Answer )