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What is a virus checker?

A type of antivirus program that searches a system for virus signatures that have attached to executable programs and applications such as e-mail clients. A virus scanner can (MORE)

How many checkers pieces?

24 pieces (12 of each color, 3 rows of 4 on each side of the board)
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Where can you find a grammar checker?

Online you can find grammar checkers. Last month I found an instant  and free grammar checker known as grammar check for sentence. It  can easily correct my grammar mistakes (MORE)

What is the meaning of checkered history?

A checkered history means that the history of someone or something is partly good (white) and partly bad (black), like the alternating black and white squares on a checker boa (MORE)

Can a king fly in checkers?

The 'flying king' rule is part of the international ruleset for draughts, but does not exist in the English Draughts ruleset, which is also known and played as American Checke (MORE)

How many squares are on a checker board?

There are 208 squares on a checkerboard Wrong! The correct answers is 64 squares Edit: There are 64 individual squares in the checker board, 32 black and 32 white. But when (MORE)

What is the objective of checkers?

The objective of checkers is to get as many kings as possible and try to defeat the opponent. You want the opponent to have zero checkers and you have more than zero.
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What is the definition of system file checker?

  Routers   A router is an Intermediate System (IS) which operates at the network layer of the OSI reference model. Routers may be used to connect two or more IP netw (MORE)

Why is checkers called checkers?

Checkers comes from a very old game called Alquerque. Alquerque was  played on a different kind of board. Around the 12th century, a  French person used a chess board to pla (MORE)