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What type of cheese is cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese has a mild flavour and is a cheese curd product.  The curd is drained but not pressed, so some whey remains and  retains moisture. The curd is generally washe (MORE)

Is cream cheese really cheese?

That's a good question. Cream cheese is defined as cheese by USDA, so the legal answer is yes. But it is not made in the same way as other cheeses. Milk proteins are not coagu (MORE)

Is cheese cake made of cheese?

Yes, cheesecake is made from cheese. The most common type of cheese in cheesecake is cream cheese, but some recipes call for ricotta cheese in addition to cream cheese.
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Why is cheese called cheese?

The word can be traced to the proto-Indo-Euorpean root "kwat," which means soured or fermented. As for the second part of your question, that is true for nearly every word.

Is feta cheese goat cheese?

Feta cheese was traditionally made with sheep's milk. It may include goat's milk, but not more than 30%, so it's not really a "goat cheese".
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What is cheese for?

Cheese is a food that pairs well with many drinks and foods. Cheese is the main ingredient in many signature foods too like Cheese-Its or Mac N Cheese. Cheese is also a dairy (MORE)
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What cheese can you substitute for mozzarella cheese?

You'd have to specify what you're using it in. Do you just want asemi-soft cheese, do you want a cheese with a similar texture, doyou want a cheese that tastes similar, or wha (MORE)

Do cheese cakes actually have cheese in them?

    yes     New York-style cheesecake relies upon heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs and egg yolks to add a richness and a smooth consistency. Also called Jewish-s (MORE)