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Can a cheetah camouflage?

Yes a cheetah can camouflage. it is a yellow colour with a perticular pattern of spots than can look like seeds on the yellow grass. they keep very low to the ground and this (MORE)

Can cheetahs eat other cheetahs?

Cheetahs could eat other cheetahs, but it is highly unlikely since  they tend to be in places where their prey is most numerous. Since  cheetahs hunt and live alone, they wo (MORE)

What is the job of a cheetah?

  The job of the cheetah is to survive. The cheetah is going exstinct because we are taking away all its lands. But also, unlike other big cats, cheetahs do not return to (MORE)

Do cheetahs roar?

cheetas make a high pitched noise but do not roar Unlike most big cats cheetahs don't roar. To communicate they use all sorts of noises.

How big can a cheetah get?

The adult cheetah weighs from 35 to 72 kg. Its total head and body length is from 110 to 150 cm. The tail alone can measure 60 to 84 cm in length. Cheetahs are 66 to 94 cm tal (MORE)

What is the color of a cheetah?

the color of the cheetah is mainly light brown with spots all over it. Cheetahs can also be albino (white), melanistic (black) and several other colourations if they have a ge (MORE)

Are cheetahs territorial?

Yes, most males will attack another male if they come within the boundary of the territory... In mating season when with a female for a few minutes they will probably kill if (MORE)

Why are cheetahs extinct?

They aren't, but they are classed as a threatened species due to a high mortality rate of Cheetah cubs caused by predation and genetic defects from inbreeding. There are a num (MORE)

How dangerous are cheetahs?

It's not that easy to measure how dangerous animals are.  It becomes a mix of the ability to do damage and how likely the  animal is to attack.  Cheetahs are solitary anima (MORE)

Are cheetahs hunted?

sometime a cheetah is hunted by humans for it's fur but cheetahs also have enimies and are killed by them for food. - Jessica S. sometime a cheetah is hunted by humans for it' (MORE)