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What is Cheez Whiz made out of?

While many people fear products like Cheez Whiz are made from some sort of "artificial" chemicals or something man-made, they are, in fact, just made from real cheese. The rea (MORE)

Are cheez-its healthy?

Whether or not Cheez-Its is healthy has been an ongoing debate for a while now. However, the real answer is yes, and no. They are certainly a "healthier" alternative, then say (MORE)

Is there anchovies in cheeze whiz?

If you are referring to the actual BRAND name, Cheez Whiz, then, yes. It does contain Anchovies. This is because it has Worcestershire Sauce listed as an ingredient on the lab (MORE)

Who invented cheez-its?

Cheez-Its were first made by Sunshine Biscuit Company in 1921. They were then bought by Keebler Company in 1996, which in turn got bought by Kelloggs in 2001. They're 89 years (MORE)
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What is a whiz kid?

  Thewhiz kid is usually a stock character, with a specific personality type. Traits tend to include; highly intelligent, lacking in physical strength, mentally intimidati (MORE)
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Cheez Whiz-does cheez wiz come in a can?

The answer is... YES! I don't know where to find it though sells this. It comes in a 6.5 lb. #10 can. They are often out of stock but you can get it from the food (MORE)

What rhymes with whiz?

Quiz?? hope i help! Yes, quiz is good. Also the honorific Ms., used to indicate a woman who may or may not be married.
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