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What do chefs do?

Cooking \n. \nChefs cook and make food for all of us humans to enjoy.\n. \n Well... \n. \n"Chef" is French for "chief" or "boss." The chef is in charge. In a very sma (MORE)
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What is a chef?

\n. \n A chef is someone who cooks professionally. \n. \nA chef is also a person who never retires until he wants. A chef is a professional cook; the term comes from t (MORE)
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Do you call a sous chef 'chef'?

It depends on the circumstance. If the sous-chef outranks you, it is not necessarily wrong to address them as "Chef". Usually the title is reserved for the Executive Chef or H (MORE)
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What is they benefits of chef?

you can learn how to make wonerful food and learn how to make healthful or hurtful foods around the world
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What is the possessive of chefs?

The possessive form of the plural noun chefs is chefs' . example: The chefs' uniforms must be sparkling white.
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Do chefs need degrees to be a chef?

Yes chefs do need a 4-year program degree to become a chef and when you get out of college you will make a low salary but when you are more experienced your salary will defini (MORE)
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Which chefs remain on Top Chef?

angelo, kelly, amanda, tiffanny, kevin, ed, and alex. as of 8-12-10 amanda and alex should go home. kenny was the last to be iliminated.