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What is ferrous ion chelating?

  Chelating is the coordination (binding) of a metal ion by an organic molecule through more than one coordinating bond (for example EDTA binds metals through six bonds in (MORE)

What is Chelation?

Answer   Chelation is a type of therapy which is used to remove heavy metals from the body. To 'chelate' is 'to bond'. Some herbs and supplements bond with the heavy meta (MORE)

What are the differences between dehydrating agent and chelating agent?

A dehydrating agent is usually an acid which brings about loss of water molecule when used on an hydrated compound. A chelating agent is usually an electron donour (ligand) (MORE)

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Does tricare cover chelation therapy?

Yes, but only for FDA approved treatments (i.e. heavy metal  toxicity). Tricare does not cover the therapy for the treatment of  other illnesses, such as heart disease or ca (MORE)