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What is ferrous ion chelating?

  Chelating is the coordination (binding) of a metal ion by an organic molecule through more than one coordinating bond (for example EDTA binds metals through six bonds in (MORE)

What does Dipicolinic acid chelate?

  Dipicolinic acid (Pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid, DPA) is known to chelate a wide variety of multivalent metal ions, including Ca(II), Mg(II), Cu(II), Ni(II), Zn(II), Co (MORE)

What is Chelation?

Answer   Chelation is a type of therapy which is used to remove heavy metals from the body. To 'chelate' is 'to bond'. Some herbs and supplements bond with the heavy meta (MORE)

Is chelating agent negatively charged?

Not necessarily. Chelating agents can be neutral too. For example  en (ethylenediamine), etc. The only condition for a ligand to be  called a chelating agent is that it shou (MORE)

Is potassium citrate and potassium chelate the same thing?

Definitely not in general! Potassium citrate is a salt of potassium with citric acid, an only moderately large organic molecule. "Potassium chelate" slightly ambiguous, but ch (MORE)
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Does tricare cover chelation therapy?

Yes, but only for FDA approved treatments (i.e. heavy metal  toxicity). Tricare does not cover the therapy for the treatment of  other illnesses, such as heart disease or ca (MORE)