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What is a Chelsea smile?

a Chelsea smile is when a person is cut from the mouth to the bottom of the ear.usually the victim is kicked in the stomache causing them to scream and deepen the cut and leav (MORE)

Who are the players in the Chelsea?

1 Petr Cech2 Branislav Ivanovic3 Ashley Cole4 David Luiz- Michael Essien6 Oriol Romeu7 Ramires8 Frank Lampard9 Fernando Torres10 Juan Mata11 Oscar12 Mikel13 Victor Moses15 Flo (MORE)

Who is Chelsea Staub?

Chelsea Staub is a current 21 year old female. Chelsea is a famous actress, and is very famous for being in J.O.N.A.S. and the newer season of it, JONAS L.A. She also played M (MORE)

Who are Chelseas rivals?

Rivals to success - Man Untd, Arsenal and more lately Man City. Historically Leeds ( aka Dirty Leeds), but not so much these days since they left the premier league. Locally Q (MORE)

How do you say chelsea?

The accent is on the first syllable, so one way to indicate the  pronunciation is CHELL-see. The "Ch" is like the "ch" in "chess" or  "chat". The vowel in the first syllable (MORE)

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