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What is chemical and biological weathering?

Chemical weathering is acid rain. If it rains onto carbonate rocks e.g. limestone, they undergo a chemical reaction. This breaks down the rock.Biological weathering is animals (MORE)

What are examples of early chemical technology?

Some examples of early chemical technology (from Heinemann Chemistry 1, 4th Edition, page 4): Producing iron form iron ore (ca. 1000 BCE)Using plants for their medicinal pro (MORE)
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What are biological chemical and physical weathering?

Weathering is the erosion of rocks. Biological: This is when the rocks get eroded due to the activity of plants and animals. Chemcial: This is when the rocks are eroded by che (MORE)

Importance of chemical technology?

Chemistry is widely applied in technology. The importance of  chemical technology are: in the production of drugs, food  processing, manufacture of paints and cleaning agent (MORE)

Is there any new technology for gas leak detection?

Yes, there most certanly is. They seem a bit expansive, but gas leaks can be too. I will place a link or two in the comments that you can look at if you want. I can't put them (MORE)