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What is chemoreceptor trigger zone?

The chemoreceptor trigger zone is a bilateral set of centers in the brainstem lying under the floor of the fourth ventricle.CTZ has connection with vomiting center and play i ( Full Answer )
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What are chemoreceptors?

Chemoreceptors : stimulated by changes in concentration of chemicals. Example taste,smell. Smell actives the chemorepctors which triggers action potential.
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What are examples of chemoreceptors?

An example of direct chemoreceptors are the cells located on the tongue. When people taste food, it is because these cells respond to the chemicals in the food, sending a sign ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of the chemoreceptors in the carotid arteries and aorta?

I will illistrate my answers with an example: When an individual exercises, the concentration of CO2 in the blood increases, this lowers the pH, making it more acidic. Chem ( Full Answer )
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Where are chemoreceptors sensitive to blood oxygen levels located?

So there are two types of chemoreceptors that can sense blood oxygen level changes: aortic bodies and carotid bodies. Aortic bodies are located along the aortic arch. The spe ( Full Answer )
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What are the two groups of chemoreceptors?

The two groups of chemoreceptors are the following: 1- Central Chemorecepto - In the medulla oblongata, which measures PO2, PCO2 and the pH of CSF. (Cerebral spinal fluid) 2- ( Full Answer )