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How much circumstantial evidence is required to convert a conspiracy theory to a conspiracy fact?

The standards of rational thought (which is what we use in the Western civilizations) is generally speaking, "A preponderance of the evidence."    Circumstantial eviden (MORE)

Why are there so many conspiracy theories?

The simple reason is that when people are unable to explain something they make up a reason for it. Humans naturally want there to be a reason to everything. Since there are m (MORE)

What is a conspiracy theory?

It's normally applied to a version of events that a group of people believe to be true in direct conflict to the official version. Two well known examples of conspiracy theori (MORE)

What are chemtrails?

WHAT ARE CHEM TRAILS??? . There are many different opinions about this question. I really do not have a side in this but I can tell you both sides of it . Chem trail theo (MORE)

Are conspiracy theories good or bad?

It depends on their purpose. Is it to harm someone who has done nothing wrong, like the Blood Libel? Is it to deflect blame from the guilty you like, to the innocent you don't (MORE)

What are some conspiracy theories on Area 51?

That goes from the storage, examination, and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecraft, the study of their occupants, and the manufacture of aircraft based on alien tech (MORE)

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