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How many trees are in the Kotzebue National forest in Alaska?

There is one tree in Kotzebue National Forest. It was planted by the service men who worked at the radar station there in Kotzebue during the cold war. The tree was surrounded (MORE)
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Are there any national parks in a temperate forest?

Yes. Olympic National Park in Washington State.     The Ozark Hills are covered in a national forest, Mark Twain, with lots of activities, a temperate forest surrounde (MORE)
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Did jean nicolet have a wife?

Yes Jean Nicolet did have a wife a her name was Marguerite Couillard and they had 2 children together. They lived together in Trois-Rivieres for a while and then Jean died bec (MORE)

How do you spell nicolet?

Although the proper noun Nicolet is a surname, the female given name is usually Nicolette.
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