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What is the Irish for 'cherish'?

To cherish a child for example you would use: cumhdaigh cherish, protect/cover caomhnaigh cherish, preserve/protect diurnaigh cherish, embrace muirnigh cherish, caress To cher (MORE)
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What does cherish mean?

cherish means to treasure something or to keep it forever. So if something is cherished then it is krpt forever and it is very dear to someone

What do people cherish most?

Everyone is different and different people cherish different things most. Some cherish money and possessions or status, others cherish personal glory and honour, still othe (MORE)

What is a cherished desire?

Answer It is a desire that is held above all other desires and one which is held within your heart and soul.
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What is lady Macbeth's plan in act 1?

Lady Macbeth's plan was to kill Duncan in his sleep. It was to get him so drunk that he can sleep heavy and won't wake up. Macbeth then will pass by the guards kill them with (MORE)
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What does the cherish ball do?

A Cherish Ball does not do anything special it is just a special  Poke Ball that Nintendo have opted to use for special event Pokemon  however if the Cherish Ball was capabl (MORE)

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