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What is the Irish for 'cherish'?

To cherish a child for example you would use: cumhdaigh cherish, protect/cover caomhnaigh cherish, preserve/protect diurnaigh cherish, embrace muirnigh cherish, caress To cher (MORE)
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What does cherish mean?

cherish means to treasure something or to keep it forever. So if something is cherished then it is krpt forever and it is very dear to someone
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Sade cherish the day video filmed where?

It was shot from two corners on top of the 101 Park Avenue building in NYC. Right next to the Grand Central Station and the Met Life Building.
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What do people cherish most?

Everyone is different and different people cherish different things most. Some cherish money and possessions or status, others cherish personal glory and honour, still othe (MORE)

What does he mean when he says he will always cherish you?

He means exactly what he says, that he will charish you and hold your near and dear to hs heart for life. Be happy and dont think too much into what your man says. Getting ube (MORE)
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What does the cherish ball do?

A Cherish Ball does not do anything special it is just a special  Poke Ball that Nintendo have opted to use for special event Pokemon  however if the Cherish Ball was capabl (MORE)

Who wrote the song Cherish Was it David Cassidy?

The song was written by Terry R. Kirkman, founding member of The Association, who first recorded it. Terry was the group's multi-instrumentalist, one of its lead singers, and (MORE)