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How do you win at chess?

To win a game of chess, you must CheckMate your opponent's King. This means you must get to a position in which you are attacking his King (putting him in check) and the King (MORE)

What is chess about?

Chess is a game of strategy that can relate to basically anything, I recommend that you should relatively learn how to play, bosses like when you have good strategy.   It a (MORE)

Where is chess from?

Chess is from India. It had spread from India to the Middle East before the Crusades, and medieval Crusaders returning to Europe brought the game back with them. By the year 1 (MORE)
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Why is chess important?

Chess is a game for all people , the game helps to develop memory , improves concentration , develops concentration , imagination and creativity , chess teaches independence , (MORE)

What are the equipments for chess?

A square board, consisting of eight rows of eight squares alternating in a light and dark colour. Sixteen Chess pieces per player for two players - consisting of a King, a Que (MORE)
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What are the benefits of chess?

Several benefits to the player is the learning to think ahead , patience and the development of cognitive skills/discipline .
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Why is chess boring?

Chess may be boring to someone's point of view, or the onlooker, but it is a game of high stakes and high skill. Whether or not it's boring depends on your point of view.
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Is there anime with chess?

There is an anime which has a similar basis of chess. It's called Hikaru no Go, and honestly it's very well done for it being about Go(which is like Japanese Chess). It's draw (MORE)