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What is a horse chestnut?

This is the common name for a type of decidious tree. Also known as Aesculus hippocastanum or Conker Tree.. See:
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How do you grow a chestnut tree from a chestnut?

You need to put it in the fridge for 2-4 months (to symbolise winter). After that you need to plant it into a small pot and plant it about 1 inch deep leave it 1 month to germ ( Full Answer )
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What is a diluted chestnut?

I'll assume you are asking about horse colors. Chestnut is one of the two base colors for horses (The other being black). Chestnut (also called Red). can be anywhere from a pa ( Full Answer )
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Can you start a chestnut tree from a chestnut?

Yes. Put the walnut in the ground, water it, keep it in the right climate and weather, care for it, and eventually you will grow a chestnut tree with chestnuts.
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How do you shell a chestnut?

smash it with a hammer If you don't want to mash the nutmeat, use a nutcracker or a hammer carefully to crack the shell, then use your fingers to pry the shell apart and off ( Full Answer )
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How do you eat a chestnut?

irst, using the tip of a sharp paring knife, score an X on the flat side of the chestnut. Place scored chestnuts on a baking sheet and roast in a 425 degree oven for 15 minute ( Full Answer )
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How do you peel chestnuts?

The only way I have peeled chestnuts, is I make a cross on one side of each nut with a knife. Then roast them till the skin opens up at the slits. then you can peel the rest o ( Full Answer )
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Why do you fried chestnuts?

You can fry chestnuts, but it is more popular to roast them. And of course its because they taste better when you do!But it is way healthier if you roast them.