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What e-book format does an iPad 2 use?

it can use the ePub, PDF, iBook, Kindle and Barnes & Noble ebook formats. Out of the box, it supports the ePub, PDF and iBook formats.
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What is E-Day in World War 2?

You must mean D-Day, V-E Day, or V-J Day but I have searched for an E day but came up with nothing but here's what the other ones are. D-Day is a military term designating t (MORE)
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Is there going to be a wall-e 2?

It is possible, that Pixar will create another sequel to "WALL-E", but if it will be, it will be after 2016, because there will be "Finding Dory" (sequel to "Finding Nemo") in (MORE)

2 words that have e before i?

neighbor weigh weight eight sleigh vein skein veil height sleight absenteeism ageism albeit Alexei Alzheimer Anaheim atheist beige being Beijing B (MORE)

What is the value of a 1928 E US 2 dollar bill?

A 1928 $2 bill with an E next to the date is one of the scarcer  bills in that series. As of 11/2010, retail values are in the $10  to $25 range for a circulated bill, while (MORE)
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When is wall-e 2 coming out?

There probably won't be a WALL-E 2, as the film's writer/director Andrew Stanton has said, "Personally, I never consider sequels".
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Is wall-e 2 coming out?

I don't think there is, and i don't think there should be, i like number one, but if they did make another one they should have wall-e and Eva get married and start a family o (MORE)
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What does E m c 2 mean?

  E=mc2 is a version of Einstein's famous Relativity equation. Specifically, it means that Energy is equal to Mass times the speed of light squared. In essence, it states (MORE)